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              Cangzhou Sanao Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on August 8, 2019. Its predecessor is a casting and machining production enterprise with more than 50 years of experience. It develops intelligent manufacturing and intelligent processing high-end industrial chain based on industry 4.0. The company covers an area of 13393.15m2 (20.09 mu), with a total construction area of 10007.3m2. It has built an intelligent equipment manufacturing, machining production and R & D center. Its products involve hardware products, auto parts, hydraulic pins, motor elevator parts, hydraulic parts, mechanical equipment, water pumps and other supporting precision casting and machining parts. It has established strategic partnership with many customers at home and abroad.

             At present, the company has sophisticated production equipment, intelligent production and perfect testing equipment, and adheres to the effective operation of the management system. "Customer first" and "high quality and efficiency" are our eternal quality direction; Take social responsibilities such as caring for the environment, returning to the society and caring for employees as their own responsibility; Take "integrity, responsibility, innovation and team" as the constant pursuit and goal of sunalloem people.






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